Google Ads Launch Course
on the Pareto principle.
The most up-to-date and effective Google Ads course in 2019.
In 2019, the Google Ads interface changed completely and you won't understand anything from the old courses.
About Our Classes
Our classes program provides a gateway into the world of dance connecting young people and communities to artistic practice and engaging them in a range of inspirational and high-quality participatory activities nationally and internationally.
Traffic is life!
By learning how to set up Google Ads, you'll have the opportunity to become the new king of the 21st century.

Work on what you want, where you want, with whom you want. Get the freedom and fulfillment of all desires.
Tired of watching empty courses with tons of water that don't carry any useful and new information?
100% original
All lessons are based on practice and complemented by concrete examples.

In the course there are fast-mounted lessons to view which do not need to spend a day on viewing, but only a few minutes.
Text + images
The course itself is text-based with mass additions in the form of images.
Answers to questions
You get daily support via chat, which will help to solve absolutely any question.
How can you change your life?
Leave for the sea
You'll earn more and work from anywhere in the world.
Enjoy setting up Google Ads
All the mechanisms will be clear and will be able to understand how to optimize the campaigns, which will give you an explosive result.
Passive income
Learn to attract clients to set the context and get a passive income from them, which will allow you to buy the things you can't afford now. Or set up automated advertising campaigns that will bring orders to the machine.
How to earn with Google?
It's all in the same class.
Setting up for your business
Remove the dependence on crooked-handed contextualizers and for 45 minutes you can increase the profit of your business with contextual advertising.
Customization for customers
Every day hundreds of campaigns are launched in Google Ads and everyone needs quality artists. The course explains how to find clients, sell and optimize processes. The level of earnings up to 5 000 euros.
Traffic arbitration around the world
Instructions and cases on Google Ads traffic arbitration for America, Europe and Asia. Ability to cast legally and not be afraid of the risk of being banned.
–°ourse plan
Preparation - 80% of work
  • How to set goals in Ads
  • Site analysis and refinement
  • Preparation of blanks for announcements and extensions
  • Gathering the semantic core
  • Another reason why you don't have to collect low-frequency queries
  • Making a list of minus words
  • How to collect requests and group them?
  • How can I increase the quality of a keyword?
  • Make a list of minus words
  • Adding extensions
Setting up Google Ads
  • What services to use?
  • Lifehack selection for faster setup
  • Launching traffic
  • Analytics and automation
Display network and Remarketing
  • How to pick up targeting?
  • How do I create ads?
  • How not to redeem traffic of poor quality?
  • List of conversion and non-conversion sites
  • A blacklist of 16,000 sites
  • How to set up remarketing and dynamic remarketing?
Store setup
  • Dynamic search advertisements
  • Commodity campaigns
  • How to set up dynamic remarketing
Organizational block
  • How do I find clients in context?
  • How to increase the average check?
  • How do I get a passive income?
  • How to optimize and automate the work?
Investments in knowledge will pay off at least 20 times in the first year.
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