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Sports analytics is one of the most popular types of information in the modern world. Our program introduces the methods of collecting and analyzing data on both athletes and sports organizations - Club, League and Federation. The program is based on the development of practical cases in such sports as Football, Hockey, Basketball, Rugby, Boxing and MMA.
The program consists of several theoretical blocks
Sports analytics is a set of tools for collecting and classifying information, interpreting it, drawing conclusions and applying the data obtained.

Sport analytics provides an opportunity to assess effectiveness, identify weaknesses and strengths of tournaments, teams and athletes in different sports in order to further assess the advantages and risks of the study objects.
Advantages of the program
The first professional programme in Eastern Europe
Classes are led by practitioners
Opportunity to undertake an internship at a leading analytical agency
Upon completion, a certificate of professional development of the state standard is issued
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
History of sports analytics
- Analytical History
- Types of analysts
- Sports analytics
Questioning theory
- Information mining
- Information processing
- Conclusion building and
data visualization
Probability theory and statistics
- Regression analysis
- Specialized sports analytical programsXV, xA,
Packing, Impect, Corsi, Fenwick
- Software information processing
Search and development of talents in sports
- Sports talent development strategies
- Inconsistency issues and identification of critical factors
- Building a development curve
Sports game theory
- Philosophy
- Strategy
- Tactics
Sports analytics - Workshop
- Athletes
- Teams
- Sports organizations - Clubs, League and Federation
Our team
The classes are led by leading practitioners.
Sergei Nechuvilin
Strategic management, theory and philosophy of competitive games.
Valeriy Katinsus
Solving the problem of relative and biological age, talent transfer between sports.
Alexei Seliverstov
Search and identification of talents in sport, application of different types of analysis to achieve competitive goals.
Thematic plan of the seminar is 4 academic hours each session.

Introduction to Scouting
Scouting in Game Views
Sports - football, hockey, basketball and rugby
Overview of leading scout programs
Sports game theory
Game as a business
Talent search and development in sports
Analysis of the opponent's team
Athlete assessment and analysis
Scout report writing
Preparing to watch the game
Use of statistics and external information resources
Analysis of modern football and hockey tactics
Role of academies and specialized schools in preparation of sports reserve
Analysis of the football club and definition of its strategy
The roles of coach, president and general manager
Scouting in game sports - football, hockey, basketball and rugby
Practical training on analytical reporting
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